RGCases Srl

Flight Cases Manufacturing and Sales

RG Cases manufactures flight cases, suitcases, trunks made either of aluminum or laminate, plastic containers for professional use, all available in standard and custom sizes both. RG Cases was founded more than 15 years ago by the rather more famous F.I.P.P. Snc, a company that pioneered the production of suitcases in Italy. From the mother company, RG Cases acquired the knowhow in the field, benefiting from over 45 years of activity on the international markets. Since then, this strong partnership has never faded. From our baby steps, we have strived to become a point of reference in the Italian market and beyond. We achieved this by prioritizing the competence of our staff - used to facing and solving the most varied problems - and offering products remarkable for robustness and reliability, designed with an eye to professionals and their everyday work. Supporting all this are increasing investments in cutting-edge technologies and materials. Today, like yesterday, our company looks to the future: we do not forget where we started and we know where we want the path ahead to lead. Our adventure began several trunks ago, without numerical control machines, without 3D drawings, renderings or even an e-commerce. All these tools and more are today’s standards, and tomorrow we will face and overcome new challenges thanks to expanding knowledge and improving technical means, armed with the same enthusiasm as always, because we like our work, it stimulates us and makes us a better version of ourselves. We hope our passion can reach you through a RG Cases product - the best flight cases in Italy! Riccardo Garaventa Owner of RG Cases