In full respect of the environment, with a vision of safeguarding the territory and with great confidence in new technologies, our company is happy to communicate that all the energy consumed is self-produced by us with the help of photovoltaic panels integrated into the roof of the our building, for a total of more than 15000 kw / year produced. This allows us to avoid the release of harmful gases such as CO2 into the atmosphere, so as to contribute and support a cause we believe in and which should involve more and more identities. We believe it is important to make the most of an inexhaustible and clean source of the planet such as solar energy: in doing so we try to make our small contribution. At the same time, also in the production process we have tried to minimize the use of solvent-based glues, favoring thermoplastic glues (which do not involve the evaporation of chemical agents, safeguarding the health of the team and the environment), water-based paints for the painting of laminates, recycling of plastic, wood and metal waste and the absolute respect of the Rohs and Reach regulations for each element purchased and used in the production of our containers. Who buys RG Cases buys Italian and environmentally friendly ... why not try!