Airtight suitcases

Waterproof Suitcases / MAX Airtight Suitcases

RG Cases' airtight suitcases are made of shock-resistant copolymer polypropylene and IP-67 watertight-certified for a perfect hold against dirt and up to thirty minutes underwater, thanks to a rubber weatherstrip all along the case's profile. Includes:

- Max Series Cases:
hermetic cases resistant to great stresses, flexible and versatile, a must-have when exceptional resistance to shocks and chemical-atmospheric agents is required.

- Max Grip Series Cases:
hermetic cases specialized in the safe transport of small electronic and sensitive devices - from smartphones to tablets to laptops and memory cards.

- Max Series with Custom Interiors:
MAX hermetic suitcases with custom interiors made of embossed or shaped rubber. Each custom design is specific to the safe transport of Drones, Memory Cards, Action Cams and other items and sensitive devices. Includes cigar holders complete with internal humidifier.

All of our watertight cases can be customized with screen printing or labels on the lid.

Professional Briefcase

Business Briefcases

Our models of professional briefcases made out of copolymer polypropylene add a greater degree of solidity, versatility, and professionalism to the lightness and the excellent value to money of the Consumer line,

Without sacrificing custom options for interiors or exteriors - silk-screen prints, logos, stickers and custom interiors in sponge or thermoformed foam - our professional plastic briefcases are designed to have a more elegant design and come with < strong> additional accessories designed to improve transport comfort and safety.

Our suitcases for professionals are indeed equipped with double handles for a better grip, space-saving tilting handles , not to mention metal hinges , professional locks and room for an additional padlock.