CNC Machining

5-axis numerical control machining center

The 7.5 kw 5-axis cutter at 36,000 rpm is the capstone of the manufacturing process that leads to the manufacturing of our custom flight cases. The worktop (3370x1540x220 h, aluminum with a versatile locking system) enables a wide range of processes, including milling and tapping of plastic surfaces of any type, including compact materials such as polyethylene, polythene or Astraboard, whether sheets or blocks.

Moreover, the cutter enables 3-axis CNC machining and 5-axis 3d CNC machining for flight case manufacturing, including light alloys - such as aluminum - and even wooden panels and blocks with a maximum thickness of 220 mm.

Cuts can be performed by tangential (stationary) and oscillating blades both on rigid materials such as forex or cardboard, fiber or waterproof fabrics, as well as expanded materials such as closed cell rubber with thickness up to 120 mm. Other machining processes include the making of gaskets and coverings, cutting of sewing material, advertising graphics thanks to the positioning marker reading camera, gadgets, and - thanks to the double suction system - cards and plates


TEC v300 3 Axis Machine

The wooden structure of our flight cases is easily created thanks to TEC V3000. The wooden pieces are positioned on adjustable retractable stops and held by vacuum by means of a double-depression transpiring surface with quick and adjustable positioning over the entire work area. The vacuum is managed by a 300 mc / h pump.

The tool change on the milling spindle takes place rather quickly, thanks to the pneumatic release. The tool change is automatic with a 9-position side magazine.

The size of the machine is reduced by 1/4th compared to a horizontal model (loading the panel vertically allows the use of a minimum space).

It is also easier to control and monitor during processing, as the panel is always clean and in a vertical position. Moreover, the vertical position allows the chips to flow out by gravity.

TEC V3000 also allows us to perform third party carpentry work as it is also equipped with a boring head on the 5 sides of the panel.

Foam Processing

Foam / Plastics Processing

All our airtight suitcases and professional plastic cases are made out of injection-molded copolymer polypropylene. This technique guarantees total control over the measurements and details of our mass-produced suitcases, while at the same time increasing the speed of production cycles, so as to be able to deliver even large orders within optimal and competitive times.

Be they custom or standard models, many of our flight cases and suitcases can be customized by variable density sponge interiors , depending on their intended use and made following your specifics. Design may also start from CAD drawings or from a physical sample object.

To cut and process sponge interiors, RG Cases uses numerically controlled cutting machines such as:

- 3 and 5 axis CNC milling machine , automatically adjusted according to the size and depth of the shapes of your interiors;
- Waterjet , a machine with a double head for water cutting, to process very high density sponge;
- Blade cut , quick, economical and flexible, it produces sponge interiors with clean and sharp edges.