Flight cases

Tailor-made flight cases

Every flight case, every interior, every small or large product starts from an idea. From this idea we create a drawing, a Cad project, lines and shapes that we will translate into the container or foam interior you were looking for. Each flight case produced is the result of a study made possible also by the experience gained over the years by skilled craftsmen and the help of new technologies, combined with the desire to improve, which accompanies us every day.

Custom extensions

2D and 3D Cad design

Our technical department makes use of the most used design software, together with nesting programs, useful for the optimization of laminates and sheets of expanded material, so as to always be able to offer the right item even at the right price. Moreover, thanks to this continuous updating we can interface with the technical departments of companies in every sector, following each project: from the simplest 2D drawings to the most complex 3D, which instead facilitate us in the simulation and design of the most suitable and truly tailor-made solution, starting from an abstract idea to the finished container.