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Professional Flight Cases

Here at RG Cases we strongly believe in Flight Cases and their ability to meet all needs for transport, hence why we've specialized in crafting custom Flight Cases.

Airtight Suitcases

Airtight suitcases made of shock-resistant plastic maretials, IP 67 certified watertightness for a great hold against liquids and dirt.

Polypropylene Cases

Our standard models can be customized to accomodate your requests for specific items you want to carry.

Polypropylene boxes

Rigid polypropylene storage boxes with handle. Suitable for transporting long tools or any type of small object that requires the utmost care.

Blister Bivalve

Blister Bivalve in polypropylene or in injection-molded PET, transparent and particularly resistant.

Toolbox Cases

For your tools and equipment, choose flight Cases and toolbox cases by RG Cases, made with first-rate materials, from the outside to the inside panels and carpeting.

Custom Plywood Storage Boxes

Our custom storage boxes of laminated plywood are the perfect choice for safe, one-way transports. Here at RG Cases we make them custom-tailored with the same care we put in out flight cases.

Real Leather Suitcases

Come and discover a selection of the real leather suitcases and cases that established F.I.P.P., RG Cases' parent company, as a renowned and reliable brand.


Ex-Demo or discontinued cases and Flight Cases on sale at outlet prices, available at a bargain only until stocks run out.

Flight Case Furniture

Flight Case Furniture means design furnishings for the house and the office, stylish and bold, a result of the best technologies in service of RG Cases' attentive craftmanship.

Accessories for Flight Case

Come and discover a wide selection of quality replacement parts and Accessories for Flight Cases and suitcases by RG Cases.

New products

2D and 3D CAD design

Every flight case, every interior, every small or big product starts from an idea. From this idea we create a drawing, a CAD project, lines and shapes that we will translate into the foam container or interior you were looking for. Each product flight case is the result of a study made possible by the experience gained over the years by skilled craftsmen and the help of new technologies, combined with the desire to improve, which accompanies us every day.
Flight Cases Design

CNC working center

Rover Plast B FT is the ideal solution for working materials of different formats, sizes, thicknesses, compositions and structures. The worktop guarantees maximum reliability in locking the panels being processed.