Max 1100 Cubic Foam Set

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A set of cubic foam sponges that allow you to easily customize the insides of your airtight Max 1100 polypropylene suitcase. Thanks to the Max 1100 cubic foam set, you will tailor your Max 1100 polypropylene suitcase to carry a diverse array of electronical devices, longer firearms, sports gear and a large array of bulky items of value that need an additional standard of safety. The Max 1100 Cubic Foam set turns your airtight Max 1100 suitcase into a true, handy one-size-fits-all suitcase.

The suitcase in the picture is not included in this purchase.

Max 1100 Cubic Foam set
Max 1100 Cubic Foam Set

Max 1100 Cubic Foam Set

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