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Max 430 GUN

Price 82.00 EUR plus 22 % TAX
Price including tax: 100.04 EUR
Internal measurements : 426 x 290 x H 159 mm
External Mesure : 464 x 366 x H 176 mm
Weight : 2.78 kg (vuota)
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The airtight Max 430 GUN suitcase is a custom interiors variant of the mainstream airtight Max 430 suitcase and comes with the same IP67, STANAG 4280 and DEF-STAN 81-41 certifications. The custom interior foam of the Max 430 GUN suitcase is optimized to carry 5 pistols and 15 mags without any jostling. 

This kit includes the Max 430 GUN suitcase and the custom foam interiors.


Airtight Max 430 GUN suitcase

Max 430 GUN

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