Max 003 CIG

Price 21.90 EUR plus 22 % TAX
Price including tax: 26.72 EUR
Internal measurements : 316 x 195 x H53 mm
External Mesure : 350 x 230 x H59 mm
Weight : 550 g
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The Max 003 CIG lightweight suitcase is a custom interiors variant of its sibling, the standard Max 003 lightweight suitcase: its usual smaller size combined with custom foam interiors make a great airtight lightweight suitcase to carry and preserve your cigars!

As a lightweight suitcase for cigars, the Max 003 CIG lightweight suitcase is certified to carry and preserve up to 10 cigars.

The Max 003 CIG lightweight suitcase kit includes the Max 003 CIG airtight lightweight suitcase for cigars and our custom foam interiors made of shaped black foam rubber lining the bottom of the suitcase, as well as rusticated foam rubber beneath the lid. The Max 003 CIG airtight lightweight suitcase for cigars also includes a humidifier cap to allow for pitch-perfect preservation of up to 10 cigars.

Max 003 CIG lightweight suitcase
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