Max 001T SD

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Internal measurements : 157 x 82 x H41 mm
External Mesure : 175 x 115 x H47 mm
Weight : 160g (vuota)
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The airtight Max001T SD lightweight suitcase is the see-through sister of the Max 100, customized solely for carrying SD cards. The foam interiors of the airtight Max001T SD lightweight suitcase are made of black closed cells foam with tiny slots that perfectly match in size your SD cards, avoiding any jostling on long trips and across rough terrains.

Entrust your SD cards to a MAX001T SD lightweight suitcase and forget any and all worries that always stem from carrying such delicate devices around. The full kit includes both the Max001T SD lightweight suitcase and the custom interior foam.

Max001T SD lightweight suitcase
Max 001T SD

Max 001T SD

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