Max 002

Max Grip-Setup
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Internal measurements : 212 x 140 x H47 mm
External Mesure : 230 x 175 x H53 mm
Weight : 300g
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The lightweight Max 002 suitcase features a well-rounded design that lends itself to a variety of uses, rarely impaired by its smaller size. Nowadays, the lightweight Max 002 suitcase is often chosen to carry tablets, but it can also be a dedicated solution for small digital devices such as HDD cards, SSD cards, SD and micro SD cards, for civilians and military types both. 

Certified IP67, STANAG 4280 and DEF-STAN 81-41, the airtight Max 002 lightweight case ought to be your go-to solution to carry goods and devices of a smaller size and whose delicate functions are tied to their value, thus requiring the best in terms of safety and protection.

Outside the realm of digital and electronical devices, the lightweight Max 002 airtight case can ensure the safe transport of your books, small-size sports gear, documents, fountain pens, jewelry, family memorabilia, collectibles and anything else you think deserves airtight protection.

Internal measurements: 212 x 140 x H47 mm.

The see-through model of the airtight Max 002 lightweight case is a great pick for fishermen and hunters alike thanks to the internal partitions that will never let baits, lines, leads or ammunitions get all mixed up together.

Lightweight Max 002 suitcase
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