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Internal measurements : mm 460 x 325 x 145 (85+60)
External Mesure : mm 482 x 375 x 160
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https://rgcases.com/components/com_jshopping/files/img_attributes/170-48H160_spugna_c.jpg Pre-cubed sponge 170/48H160
https://rgcases.com/components/com_jshopping/files/img_attributes/170-48H160_spugna.jpg Studded sponge 170/48H160

The new Series 34 copolymer 170/48H160 briefcase has the following features:

  • Available in silver or black.
  • Optional rusticated foam for interiors.
  • Internal measures: mm 460 x 325 x 120.

The copolymer 170/48H160 briefcase by RG Cases is hardy and sturdy, with a uniform design. Available in black or a simil-aluminum silver color, our copolymer 170/48H160 briefcase features a double handle for improved grip, and space-saving tilting handles. The metallic hinge and professional lock ensure the resilience of the copolymer 170/48H160 briefcase and moreover, it can support a padlock for extra security.

The squared interiors of the copolymer 170/48H160 briefcase allows a wide range of custom works on the inside and the outside as well: you may apply silk-screen printing on the outside surface of the copolymer 170/48H160 briefcase, and resinated labels as well. As for the inside of our copolymer 170/48H160 suitcase, you may customize them with die-cut foam or a thermoformed lining.

Copolymer 170/48H160 briefcase
, 28.10.2015
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