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Internal measurements : 312 x 225 x 115 (63+52)
External Mesure : 320 x 280 x 119
Weight : 0.220
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https://rgcases.com/components/com_jshopping/files/img_attributes/170_30_bugnata.jpg Studded sponge 170/30N

Defined by their innovative and smooth design, the stackable 170/30N briefcases by RG Cases come at a great value-for-money. Their main bonus is that, once open, these briefcases can be easily stacked one on top of the other (see picture), allowing to save plenty of storage space. For this reason too, 32-pieces and 64-pieces stocks of stackable 170/28 briefcases are on sale at an increasingly bargain price!

You can easily customize your 170/30N briefcases: on the outside, your 170/30N briefcase can be enhanced by silk-screen prints on either or both sides, you company's embossed logo, and/or resinated labels! On the inside, the 170/30N briefcases can be lined either with die-cut foam or thermoformed foam.

Internal measures: 312 x 225 x H 115 (63+52) mm. The stackable 170/30N briefcases are available in black, blue, red.

Stackable 170/30N briefcase


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