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Internal measurements : 465 x 335 x H 220 (180+40) mm
External Mesure : 502 x 415 x H 246 mm
Weight : 3,40 Kg
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Configurations for this product Pre-cubed sponge Max 465H220 Trolley Max 465 Max Pocket Organizer 465 With Shoulder Strap

Max 465H220: the latest addition to the MAX series!

The new hermetically sealed Max 465H220 suitcase has been designed as a middle-ground option between Max 430 and Max 505, so as to optimize the available carry space without excesses.

The hermetically sealed Max 465H220 suitcase can find several uses in the hands of photographers, to carry electronic and mechanic instruments and devices, as well as medical devices and much more!

Nowadays, the market is being flooded with more and more new, cutting edge devices of various sizes: in this scenarion, the hermetically sealed Max 465H220 suitcase, much like its thinner sibling, is a precious tool to enhance one's work.

You may custom your hermetically sealed Max465H220 suitcase with a silk-screen printing of your logo on the lid. The interior may be either standard foam cubes or a completely custom design from a CAD project.

Available certifications:

IP67: The hermetically sealed Max 465H220 suitcase is completely resistant to dirt and dust and can safeguard your devices for up to 30 minutes underwater, no deeper than 1 mt.

Moreover, the hermetically sealed Max 465H220 suitcase meets the STANAG 4280 and DEF-STAN 81-41 standards for military used embraced by NATO.

The hermetically sealed Max Max 465H220 suitcase will serve you well thanks, in no small part, to:

- Airtight gasket;

- Automatic pressure valve;

- Double-step security latches for ease of opening;

- Soft handle made of a special compound to enhance the grip and comfort;

- Can support up to 2 padlocks;

- Ease of piling up;

- Optional high-resistant trolley;

- Thick, shock-resistant walls;

- Nylon linchpins to prevent corrosion;

- Cubic foam rubber lining the bottom of the suitcase; rusticated foam lining the lid (both optional;

- Optional shaped foam;

- Optional silk-screen printing on the lid;

- Optional resinated label.

Hermetically sealed Max 465H220 suitcase
Max 465H220

Max 465H220

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