Flight Case Rack

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To pick a flight case rack by RG Cases means to pick a reliable, robust, and safe case to handily carry your audio, video, and lights equipment and tools. This is why many services have picked our flight case racks to carry around the precious audio, video, and lights equipment and tools in their everyday work.

Our flight case racks are made of polar or birch plywood either 7 mm or 11 mm thick, glued either to phenolic laminates like Formica 0.9 mm. thick that can come in different colors, or to embossed aluminum sheets 0.8 mm. thick. The interior of your flight case racks is then either varnished black, or carpeted in carpet tiles or expandable foam. The internal carpeting can be custom-molded to better absorb stress and cushion your precious equipment; this extra layer of safety adds to the already high level of safety intrinsic to the standard Rack model, which includes ventilation ducts and can be stacked 2 units or higher.

Your new flight case rack for your audio, video and/or light equipment and gear can be further customized with turning wheels complete with brake, guides on the sides for palletization, extra openings, movable or fixed partitions, serigraphs and whatever else you may need for your custom flight case.


Flight Case Rack
, 14.12.2015
Comprato un rack 2U in fiera. Prodotto veramente di qualità! Ottimo rapporto qualità/prezzo
, 04.10.2015
Contattati telefonicamente, ho avuto modo di andare a fare visita e di decidere insieme come fare il case di mio interesse, un rack con tre aperture e sei unit fronte e retro.
Devo dire tutto ottimo, dalla comunicazione alla cortesia al preparazione, prezzo rapportato ad un prodotto professionale.
Grazie e al prossimo case! Alex.
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